There is no hustle and bustle of the city

My hometown is really not a hometown.  I grew up in an isolated area in Northeastern Arizona.  I lived far from any town.  The nearest town was like 35 miles away, but that was just a gas station with some trailers behind it.  To buy groceries and to check the mail my family commuted 60 miles to reach the next town.  You know how I went to school everyday, 60 miles away, is beyond anything I could ever do on my own.  That was 120 miles round trip everyday.  I did it from Kindergarten up to the day I graduated from high school.

I love where I grew up.  There is no hustle and bustle of the city just the birds chirping and an occasional CAAW from a crow.  In the evenings, you can hear the coyotes crying to one another.  Sometimes you even get to see one.  There are rabbits everywhere and groundhog dugouts in the hundreds.  The air seems clean and I don’t see any of that smog stuff in the atmosphere.  The ground has many different colors depending in what area you are in.  There are many pinks, browns, beiges, white, reds and even blacken areas.

During the summer, we do a lot of walking in the late afternoons.  The gentle breezes and the SHHHH the pinon trees make.  Then the scenery changes into scrub oak and cedar trees.  The smell of wild flowers, which sometimes bloom in abundance, is very appealing to the senses.  Usually you run in to squirrels at play, lizards basking in the sun on the rocks nearby.  Occasionally you see a snake slithering into the nearby sagebrushes.  You’ll never know just how active nature can be.  It is a busy place.

If I’m lazy and just want to sit or read, I can actually hear an airplane flying high somewhere far above me.  A visit from someone is a big deal, because sometimes you don’t get a visitor for months.  There is no electricity, no running water therefore, you are more careful about your resources.  A natural spring water well is nearby.  We had solar power to light our home.  Watching T.V. is a luxury.  All the roads in the area are unpaved.  The nearest highway?  25 miles away.  One time during the summer, I was hauling water for our livestock and a nice Cadillac stopped my sister and me.  A man in an expensive suit and a nicely dressed woman in the car asked for the nearest highway.  I wanted to laugh so hard.  I informed them that, “If you are going South, it is about 35 miles, if you are head East, it’s about 45 miles, if you are going North, then it is 25 miles.”  I’ll never forget the look on that man’s face.  It looked like he dreaded the place and wanted to go back to civilization.

I bet you are wondering if I had any neighbors.  Indeed we did.  Our nearest neighbor lived about 3 miles South of us.  You know we never went to visit them just for the sake of visiting.  We had a lot to do around the house and tending to our livestock.  As much as you think it might be boring, we were busy all the time and enjoyed everyday.

I love that lifestyle.  When I am finished with my education I would like to make my home where I grew up and grow old there.  The sunsets so beautiful and at night, I could see the stars sparkling in the sky, the hoot of an owl and where the coyote howls.

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